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Shiny Nails Spring Pedicure

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Shiny Nails Spring Pedicure – People generally think that having lovely nails means spending time and money to purchase the latest Nails Spring Gel. However, there are a lot of other methods which can be accomplished. In the following article, we’ll look at some of them.
It has been said that the beauty of your nails is on skin color and skin tone, but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend so much on the nail polish foundation. You can take advantage of your old bath towels for these functions. To create your bath towels, you can soak them in water for at least five minutes and dry them.
Then you should place the old bath towels from the freezer for about an hour. The towels are going to have slippery and tough surface after that.

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While you are soaking the towels in the freezer, you can take advantage of some kind of warm water based gel or the Nails Spring Gel. Set the gel above the nails and you’ll have the ability to get a smooth and nice appearance to your nails. Some more tips are using toothpicks to hold the gel and putting some Vaseline within the towel to provide some relief into the gel.
In order to keep the gel from going away too soon, you can use nail glue or perhaps borax. This method is a good option for creating your nails look much better. You can use the borax for shinier and thicker nails.

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This is a natural way to make your nails healthy. The technique will be to scratch some starch from the beetroot leaves and use it onto the nails. Later, let the beetroot stay for a while and if possible, wash it off with water.
If you aren’t really pleased with the peel, you can try cutting out the peel . Now, you have to create two layers of this peel.


These are a few of the tricks that may be done in your house when you are tired of a manicure kind of service. So, get started and make your nails look better than ever.

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